Forgiving someone or even yourself can be very difficult. Some people will often say I forgive you but I will never forget what you have done; while some others will say “Forgive and forget”. Forgive and forget can be very difficult because whenever you are faced with similar situation you will certainly remember that you […]

Nagging wife? Here’s the way out

A Nagging wife is one thing every man would practically do all the can to stay away from, but what do you do if you are already married to one? How do you handle her, what’s the best way out of the situation? Is it by nagging too? Hitting her? sex-starving her? Reporting her to […]

Married and unhappy woman? here’s how to make yourself happy

Many women have become very unhappy in their marriages. This is traceable to several factors ranging from Work pressure, Excessive house chores, Cheating spouses, Emotional and physical abuse, Pressure from the upbringing of children etc. But it’s very important to stay happy no matter the the kind of trouble or problems that you are going […]


Understanding the need to be financially independent before marriage . finance play a very strong role in marriage, as a matter of fact the need for finance starts from the period of dating, you need finance to buy a gift for your partner, you need finance to around surprise party for birthday and anniversaries, you […]


Words are so powerful that they can create just anything. Imagine what effects positive words could have on your spouse and relationship Everyman loves to hear their loved ones say pleasant things to them such as: 1. I love you We all know what effect that statement could have on us as humans, then imagine […]


The question of Who a good husband is has led to this shocking revelation. How do you identify a good husband ? It is the responsibility of parents to raise a good man, a boy that has not been taught certain responsibilities or one who grew up in a home where parents, especially the father […]


Being single is not bad, horrible neither does it imply that the married ones are better or happier than you. Many single persons have allowed Society in many ways to define them as they make it look like married people are better and happier. This is not true, on the contrary most singles are even […]


Active sex in marriage is a need. It Is as important as healthy meal. Here are some listed reasons why Couples must maintain a healthy and active sex life. Reproduction. For the sake of reproductive for couples who want to have children, sex is a need, as it needed to reproduce younglings, you should know […]

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