Fashion Tips For Women

1 .Always prepare what you will be wearing tomorrow at night that way your morning will be easier and you can have a perfect combination

2.master how to do a half tuck, that way you can look simple but

3. Buy a bra that fits you perfectly, and always choose the bra that suits the dress type that you will be wearing.

4.hang your cloths in the bathing room while you get a hot shower to remove the wrinkles .

5.Knot(tie) Your shirt in front at Thema waist to keep the silhouette and length perfect all day long.

6. Go monochromatic by dressing head to toe on the same color.

7. Learn how to roll your sleeves like they do at J. Crew.

8. Wear what you like, there are no rules.

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Forgiving someone or even yourself can be very difficult.
Some people will often say I forgive you but I will never forget what you have done; while some others will say “Forgive and forget”.
Forgive and forget can be very difficult because whenever you are faced with similar situation you will certainly remember that you have been in that situation before. Things like Betrayal, Breach of trust, emotional hurts, etc will begin to play up.

The peace you feel after forgiving yourself or someone is priceless, do not trade it for pain and aches

It is pertinent that you understand the need for forgiveness and to ensure that you are also forgiven by the people you wronged.

Forgiving what we cannot forgive creates a new way to remember. We change the memory of our past into a hope for our future.” –Lewis Smedes

Reasons and benefits forgiveness are enormous.

1. Because the Law of Karma will favor you, when you forgive a person of his or her wrong, Karma authomatically favors you when you also wrong people, but holding back means that you have taken judgement in your own hands and there will be no need for God or Karma to fight for you.

2. For your own peace of mind, whenever you hold on to a pain caused by anyone (including yourself) and refusing to forgive, it always leads to some level of distress, heaviness and distractions, whenever you see that person you feel this heavy wait,your heart beat changes,anger creeps in, etc. Why carry all of these weight, while the person doesn’t even feel a bit of the pain you feel, forgive the person and stay peaceful.

3. It is funny because people think that holding on to anger is what keeps our honor and dignity intact, when in reality, forgiveness is what helps us feel more honored and dignified in life. When you are able to forgive someone, you can look in the mirror and feel good about yourself. You see a powerful human is one who can look past faults and other people’s ugliness, that someone who can stay in control of life and how he/she acts on a day to day basis. That gives you a real sense of pride and confidence.

4. Forgiveness allows you to move on. When you are unable to let go, you definitely cannot move on. But whenever you forgive yourself or someone else,that means you have given the person or yourself a second chance and because you have given yourself another chance there are high Possibilities that what you have done wrong or the mistake you made will be corrected or done properly this second time.

5. happiness is sure,when you have all of this done by forgiving yourself and people who have betrayed and hurt you , happiness becomes yours automatically, and when you are happy you can fix things right, make right decision and even your friends, loved ones and colleagues will be happy too as happiness is infectious.

Nagging wife? Here’s the way out

A Nagging wife is one thing every man would practically do all the can to stay away from, but what do you do if you are already married to one?
How do you handle her, what’s the best way out of the situation? Is it by nagging too? Hitting her? sex-starving her? Reporting her to family or friends? Starving her of funds for her personal up keep?

This article will help you figure out best to deal with a nagging wife.
It is also necessary for you to understand that the fact that a woman nags does not mean that she is troublesome, yes some women are troublesome and also nag at the same time.

It’s in your place to help her get rid of that nagging attitude, funny as it may sound, you may even play a strong role in her attitude, you could be responsible for her nagging, you may have troubled her so much so that she has changed alot from the woman you married.
You must search for and understand the reason for her nagging, this information will help you handle the situation better.

Remember that what dialogue could not solve, violence won’t resolve. So don’t be to quick to handle situations with violence wether by shouting, hitting or verbal abuse.

1. Love!

Yes love is on our top list on handling a nagging wife. When you truly love your nagging or troublesome wife, you won’t really feel bad when she behaves badly or nags, as much as you don’t approve of such behavior, you will show her love regardless.

2. Stop!

stop those things you do that hurt her and make her mad which result in her nagging. Stop inviting trouble do what is right, stop cheating on her, stop lying even when the truth is obvious, stop calling her names, stop disrespecting her.

3. Partner!

The feeling that she’s your partner will make her feel good and this means that there will be no need for nagging, since she is not feeling like your house help sex machine or your children’s nanny.

4.Role model

Teach her how to react to situations by doing or practising it when you are offended or angry with her, gradually but surely as time goes on she you will take her cue from you instead of insulting her or running away from the house in other to avoid her, become a role model instead, teach and show her how to react to situations without resorting to violence or becoming physical, I once told you how my husband managed to stop me from Nagging and shouting whenever he hurt me.

5. Say sorry!

sorry can change and solve problems faster than you can imagine, be apologetic, never feel too big to apologize to your wife, if she heard you say sorry and saw that you meant it from your heart she will let it go she won’t be mad at you nor nag.

6.Get intimate!

Yes intimacy is a great cure to nagging, when she starts and you can’t stand it, instead of you to hit her, insult her, abuse her, just hold her firm even if she’s struggling hold her tighter, kiss her passionately and make sweet love her.

7. Compliment her!

women love to be complimented, even though she’s shouting and bringing down the roof, in a very sweet voice, say nice things to her, say I love you, say I hate to hurt my better half, ask funny questions what’s on your face, is it raining on your face am sure you know them, she may even start smiling without realizing it.

8. Pray!

Marriage is a union made and designed by God Himself, never forget to involve Him in all you do. make Him the center of your relationship, always pray for her and repent of your sins to her and to God.

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Married and unhappy woman? here’s how to make yourself happy

Many women have become very unhappy in their marriages. This is traceable to several factors ranging from Work pressure, Excessive house chores, Cheating spouses, Emotional and physical abuse, Pressure from the upbringing of children etc.

But it’s very important to stay happy no matter the the kind of trouble or problems that you are going through or that marriage has brings you.

1. Stop victimizing yourself. Most married women see themselves as victims in the marriage as a result of any of the the situations listed above, especially when the pressure or unhappiness is caused by the husband’s ill-treatment or immorality.

2. Go out as often as possible.

Most women stop every form of social life after marriage , they don’t even attend a simple party like birthday, they become too engrossed with family and chores that they even lose themselves in the process. Go out, have fun, if you are the type that takes alcohol a little sip won’t harm you, go out with friends , visit friends and family, whatever that makes you happy do it.

3. Spend some money on yourself. Many women spend all their earning even any upkeep given to them by their husbands on their children and husband, they don’t even remember to buy anything for themselves. Most can’t even remember the last time they went shopping, women love new dresses, jewelry, makeup, hairs, perfumes, etc. Keep out some cash for yourself, shop for yourself, you have a right to be happy and look good, just maybe this is one of the reasons why your husband is no longer attracted to you and ends up spending more time outside the house or cheats on you with more attractive ladies.

4. Surround yourself with positive people.

When you have the right type of friends, you can be happier. Having someone to talk to or have fun with is very essential. Also read 👇

5. Stay away from negative friends. Staying away from this kind of friends is vital to your health because they will make you even more unhappy, they will give you advice that may lead you to the wrong paths. Read this 👇

6. Spoil yourself sometimes. Go to a spa, make your nails, treat your skin, buy good supplements for yourself be happy, go to the beach side take in some free and fresh air.

7. Have a good relationship with God. Yourself and God are the only ones that can give you true happiness, never relent in your prayers.

8. Treat your children and husband with love that way they will reciprocate and treat you back with love.

I sincerely hope that this article is helpful to you, my dear reader.

Stay strong, stay happy ,love yourself and love God.

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Understanding the need to be financially independent before marriage .

finance play a very strong role in marriage, as a matter of fact the need for finance starts from the period of dating, you need finance to buy a gift for your partner, you need finance to around surprise party for birthday and anniversaries, you need money to have dinner in an expensive or beautiful restaurant.

when you take a step forward you will also need finance to arrange for wedding and there are no small weddings our there, there are usually many expenses.

It is of importance you understand that you can’t get married with the mind set that your family or anyone will help you feed your family as a man, or get married expecting that the man will shoulder all your financial needs, both parties involved in the relationship must be financially ready.

It is also necessary to check your income level, before engaging yourself into marriage. If it’s enough to Cather for your family, can you pay all bills without having to beg or borrow to sustain your family.

It is not advisable to get married while you are indebted as this can cause you a serious set back and would make things very difficult as marriage itself comes with lots of financial responsibilities,remember that debt is a liability.

Plan your life and your finance before you get married, couples that are faced with serious financial challenge are mostly sad and on affectionate and tends to have more rife, arguments and misunderstanding as a hungry man is an angry man.

If you are unable to cater for your self, how can you cater for a whole family let’s not bring the extended or new families that will become yours due to the new formed relationship.

Be sure to be ready and avoid regrets and unhappiness.

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Words are so powerful that they can create just anything. Imagine what effects positive words could have on your spouse and relationship

Everyman loves to hear their loved ones say pleasant things to them such as:

1. I love you

We all know what effect that statement could have on us as humans, then imagine how good it feels when its coming from someone you love deeply, no matter how tough or stone hearted a man is, that sound can melt his heart and awaken something in him.

2. You are my Hero

Saying this to your husband makes him feel really good about himself especially in a situation where he saved you from any form of trouble, saying this to him will encourage him not to hesitate to help you out should any other trouble come up in future.

3. I’m here for you

As much as a woman loves to have that assurance from her man, men love it much more. When a man is assured that even in times of trouble that you are there for him, he will do all he can to keep you by his side.

4. I trust you

Trusting a man is not just enough, you have got to let him know that you truly trust him ,this will encourage him to keep being faithful to you as he will not want anything to destroy that trust you have in him.

5. You are here, so I’m safe

When things seems not to be OK and he seems too worried about how you are feeling, just let him know that you are fine because he there with you and you know that when he is with you no harm can come to you, he’s going to feel really good knowing that you believe that much in him.

6. How are you

Every time you asked him how he is doing, it sends a signal that you care for him and want to know how he is doing and he will also start showing you same care, because it’s very common and normal for us to care for those who care for us.

7. You are looking good

Never neglect appreciating your man’s look, because it won’t just encourage him to always try and keep himself looking good, but will also help boost his confidence.

8. I want to do whatever you would want me do

Sometimes your man may feel you are tired or don’t want to do whatever he wanted you two to do at that moment, if you understand him well you can say this to him to encourage him, it could be sex, game or even to see a movie.

9. I appreciate you

We all loved to be appreciated, and we sincerely love people that are appreciative, always appreciate your man for everything no matter how little it is, or how little the time he sacrificed for you is, next time he would do more.

10. You are the best

when you tell him this, you are telling him that you don’t regret choosing him as your partner, you are happy being part of him, you are at the right place where you should have been and he will in turn do his best to keep it that way.

11. thank you

always say thank you, there is no limit to how much thanks you can give, say thank you for being part of me, thank you for loving me, thank you for your support, thank you for making me the queen of your castle, thank you for making me a mother. there are many things to be thankful for, doing this is a sign that you appreciate all that he is doing and he will surely do more just because you are appreciative.

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today start using these words as these could help improve your relationship, encourage your spouse, make them happy and even go as far as changing their view or how they feel about themselves and the the way they see you
and ultimately keep him smiling and loving you all the way.


The question of Who a good husband is has led to this shocking revelation.

How do you identify a good husband ?
It is the responsibility of parents to raise a good man, a boy that has not been taught certain responsibilities or one who grew up in a home where parents, especially the father lacks certain basic qualities may find it difficult to acquire such, as you can’t give what you don’t have.

Some of such qualities turn boys to men and indeed to quality husbands. What then are those qualities a man should possess to qualify as a good husband?

1. He sees his wife as his partner.
He cares for his family and put them first, they are his first priority .
He never ignores his wife’s sexual needs.

2. He finds it needful to discuss and deliberate on important issues and decisions with his wife, before embarking on any project.

3 . He is always willing to and happily helps out with the chores.

4. He never disrespects his wife in the present of the kids.

5. He defends his wife in public and reproaches her in private when such need arises.

6. He loves and appreciates his wife’s good qualities and accepts her flaws, he never makes her feel bad or guilty about her flaws.

7. He pays bills and never leaves his family hungry.

8. He listens to his wife, every wife wants to be heard.

9. He takes good care of his looks and never lets go of himself .

10. He is generous and never hesitates to shower his wife with gifts.

11. He takes care of his in-laws just as much as he takes care of his parents, and sees his wife’s relatives as his.

12. He is always there for his wife, even when it’s not convenient, he still makes out time for her despite his busy schedule.

13. He is dependable and someone his wife can always rely on in every situation.

14. He brings out the best in his wife.

15. He doesn’t kill the dreams and aspirations of his wife, instead he encourages and supports her the best way he can.

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I hope you are able to identify a good husband from this article, do not forget to like ,share and comment like to you know your opinion.