Dear reader,
By God’s grace we’re all about to enter a new year.
I, sincerely, want to use this opportunity to appreciate you all. It’s one thing to write, but another thing altogether for someone to stop by and read what you have written down. Thanks for all your time.
2018 was, indeed, a wonderful year for me and my family, it ends with praise. How was your 2018?
I know there were ups and downs, there were things you wanted to do that you never had a chance to, you had dreams that never came to pass.
At the beginning of the year you made a lot of new year resolutions, but just before the end of the first quarter of the year, you went back on them.
I consider new year resolutions a futile exercise as over 98% of such resolutions made are not accomplished,. Why not try something different this time.


A few years ago, I got in the habit of making *A To-Do List* for every year and I realized that I accomplished them all every given year with the help of God, but towards the end of 2017 I couldn’t think of anything to pin down as I was busy with my newborn.
So I had no plan for the new year, I was just doing things whichever way I saw it and guess what? Things didn’t turn out well enough as I would have wished and as such, I don’t really have anything to show for the year 2018, then I realize how important planning and “penning” down such plans have been.
Having learnt from my mistake, I would encourage you to have a plan for the New year. What are your plans, I hope you have jotted them down somewhere?

It is always better to have a *To-Do List* It will help you a great deal. Have you planned on the business to do if you don’t already have any doing at the moment? Have you thought of ways to enhance and make the one you have more lucrative? Please don’t allow the things that caused you pain in 2018 also cause you pain in 2019.

This new year should be your year.
You should even develop the habit of making out monthly plans that way you can plan your time and resources better. Yours truly has drafted out my plans and what I intend to achieve in the new year, I hope you’ll do the same.
My sincere appreciation goes to Mrs Sandra Fredrick who inspired me to write, Thank you.
I wish you all the very best. Do have a very happy and prosperous new year
Love you loads
Yours truly,
Peace Efanga Okokon.



The way to success is narrow. It is indeed difficult to scale through, full of obstacles, but reachable, possibility, Courage and Determination is key to success.

Usually, some factors and or thoughts militate against the achievement of one’s goals and even taking steps that could lead to such achievements as a result of “fear of uncertainty” which holds you down, giving you reasons using the “what if” mantra so you can’t move on.
In different faces of life, this fear and questions have successfully held you down.

It has stopped you from leaving that abusive marriage killing you because you have questions such as “what if i don’t get another man?”, “will i spend the rest of my life alone?”, “what will the society say to me?”, “how will i manage to pay bills?”, “won’t my family be shamed for my sake?”.

That fear has also stopped you from accepting yourself, you are no longer living your life and doing the things you love, knowing fully well that they make you happier with life, as others do not appreciate your opinion towards life, you have been living the way others live so that you can be loved and accepted.

This fear has stopped you from even doing that Business that you really wanted to do, but the fear of loosing and not becoming successful won’t let you find your way, what if i don’t become successful and i have already left my job, how will i survive?.

You have been doing a lot of things the way society, friends and family like it or want you to.
It is time to do things your way and success is sure!.

It’s ok to fail, its ok if you try and don’t succeed, at least you would have tried, you didn’t get married again but you are alive and have found peace and happiness.

you left your paid job and tried to do your own thing, but things did not work out as expected, its ok, you can try again or try something else, the peace you enjoy being your own boss is priceless.

You must care less, if you failed, do it again and again until you get it right. Don’t let anyone talk you down, because if you can think it you can see it,. Remove the word “impossible” from your dictionary.

Pass through that road and whatever that comes your way kill it! Crush it! And if you couldn’t make it the first time, go back prepare better and conquer!
Then you will surely be successful, happy, and most of all peaceful.

Don’t be afraid to take that risk, it is better to try and fail than live your life to regret that you never tried.

Only the fearless and risk takers are successful !!


Being single is not bad, horrible neither does it imply that the married ones are better or happier than you.

Many single persons have allowed Society in many ways to define them as they make it look like married people are better and happier. This is not true, on the contrary most singles are even happier than the married ones some married persons wished they made better use of there singlehood while some others really want out.

It is very important for you to understand that marriage is sweeter from the view of a single person than in real terms.

Reasons abound why you should enjoy your single hood.

# You live your life in your terms, go where you want to go, you don’t ask permission from anyone before embarking on any thing your heart desires

#Traveling and adventure, when you are married and got kids, you will not have the opportunity that you have now as a non married person, you can’t tour round the world without worrying about anyone.

# Fun and friends, trust me once you are married you can’t have as much fun as you use to have, you can’t stay out late, you can’t club, you hardly have time for your friends, because you will be too busy with the family

# Your space, I know most people who like their space, it’s extremely difficult to enjoy having a space to yourself without anyone touching, moving or dropping their own stuffs in your space, but while you are single you have your space to yourself

# Changing location, you wake up and decide to change your location either state or country, when you get married you will not be able to do that. Just to mention a few amongst many reasons why single hood is a blessing in disguise.


Am I the only one hearing of this sex time table even amongst legally married couples?

Funny as this may seem to many, it is real in many homes.

Sex it’s not something you program yourself for it’s an emotional feeling triggered by the thought.

While some people may settle for programmed sex the vast majority consider it a terrible idea.

Here are some reasons👇

  • What happens when your partner does something really sweet and you are happy and feel like just having sex with him/her oops! You remember it’s not scheduled time so you have to wait for the scheduled time?
  • Sometimes when you have headache sex is all you need not drugs, what if the headache came at the wrong time ,read this to see how
  • If one partner is in the mood and the other insist on waiting for the scheduled time, this can lead to adultery as the aroused partner will go out to gain sexual satisfaction outwide his matrimony read this
  • Some couples like quickies at noon time, so when hubby misses you at work place and feels like coming home during lunch hour, scheduled time should be a barrier?
  • Having regular sex keeps couples bonded, and increases their openness. Scheduling sex may become an obstacle that can hamper your closeness. read more 👇
  • Sex can serve as conflict resolution in marriage, in many cases sex has settled strong arguments between couples, so why wait until scheduled time if sex can settle it now
  • read this

Pastor Giwa: I warmed you against Joining APC, quit politics now-Olusola Oke

Pastor Adewale, the senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Gospel Church in Akure, has advised the governorship candidate of the Alliance of Democracy (AD) in the last governorship election in Ondo State, Chief Olusola Oke to leave politics for another lucrative job.

Pastor Giwa, who was reacting to the statement made by Chief Oke who said he regretted rejoining the All Progressives Congress, APC, revealed that he (Giwa) personally warned the politician to remain in his previous party.

Oke had led his supporters to the APC shortly after he lost the 2016 governorship election.

The former National Legal Adviser of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and his supporters had since been sidelined in the scheme of things.

However, Giwa in a statement to DAILY POST said he knew Chief Oke would be used and dumped by the administration of Chief Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.

“Yes, I warned Chief Oke when he wanted to rejoin the APC, but didn’t listen. Look at where he has ended up his political career.

“As a matter of fact, it is time for him to quit politics because he doesn’t know the game. He needs to go learn the game more from professional politicians.

“Oke has lost followers with his inconsistency in politics, I do hope he has learnt a good lesson from his political downfall.”