Active sex in marriage is a need. It Is as important as healthy meal.

Here are some listed reasons why Couples must maintain a healthy and active sex life.

  1. Reproduction. For the sake of reproductive for couples who want to have children, sex is a need, as it needed to reproduce younglings, you should know that it does not end with getting pregnant, as the baby grows, the parents need to maintain sexual relationship unti the child is born, as it helps. Reduce bathroom leak and better bladder control , prevents pre-enclanpsia, improve and boost immune.
  2. Bonding Regular sex in marriage helps the two individuals to get closer to each other, for instance, when two couples are having a fight, if one is able to make sexual advances on the other, and there able to have sex, they both forgets about there differences and laugh like nothing had happened that’s how much strength sex has in a relationship, sex help couples to grow a strong intimacy.
  3. Health benefits its no longer a news that sex has a great benefit to our health, as the high level of an anti body called immuno globulin A (IgA), which, according to researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, combat disease and keep the body safe from colds and the flu. Sex helps us sleep more comfortably, and through better sleep, sex creates a stronger immune system. Oxytocin released during orgasm promotes a more restful sleep for both parties . Oxytocin benefits other areas of the body as well. It decreases levels to the brain disease, heart problems in men and women. It also can help with pain control, according to a study conducted at the Headache Clinic at Southern Illinois University. The study found that half of the female migraine sufferers reported relief after climaxing.
  4. Wellbeing sex helps the individuals to maintain an overall well-being, both mentally, physically emotionally and psychologically.

Have a great sex life stay happy, stay healthy!

By Peace Efanga Okokon

Published by Peace Efanga Okokon

Hello, I am Peace Efanga Okokon, A wife and proud mum of two, Am a writer, A stylist and business woman. I studied cooperate economics and management, Welcome to my space, where I drop two articles on weekly bases, Tuesdays and Fridays precisely.

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