The way to success is narrow. It is indeed difficult to scale through, full of obstacles, but reachable, possibility, Courage and Determination is key to success.

Usually, some factors and or thoughts militate against the achievement of one’s goals and even taking steps that could lead to such achievements as a result of “fear of uncertainty” which holds you down, giving you reasons using the “what if” mantra so you can’t move on.
In different faces of life, this fear and questions have successfully held you down.

It has stopped you from leaving that abusive marriage killing you because you have questions such as “what if i don’t get another man?”, “will i spend the rest of my life alone?”, “what will the society say to me?”, “how will i manage to pay bills?”, “won’t my family be shamed for my sake?”.

That fear has also stopped you from accepting yourself, you are no longer living your life and doing the things you love, knowing fully well that they make you happier with life, as others do not appreciate your opinion towards life, you have been living the way others live so that you can be loved and accepted.

This fear has stopped you from even doing that Business that you really wanted to do, but the fear of loosing and not becoming successful won’t let you find your way, what if i don’t become successful and i have already left my job, how will i survive?.

You have been doing a lot of things the way society, friends and family like it or want you to.
It is time to do things your way and success is sure!.

It’s ok to fail, its ok if you try and don’t succeed, at least you would have tried, you didn’t get married again but you are alive and have found peace and happiness.

you left your paid job and tried to do your own thing, but things did not work out as expected, its ok, you can try again or try something else, the peace you enjoy being your own boss is priceless.

You must care less, if you failed, do it again and again until you get it right. Don’t let anyone talk you down, because if you can think it you can see it,. Remove the word “impossible” from your dictionary.

Pass through that road and whatever that comes your way kill it! Crush it! And if you couldn’t make it the first time, go back prepare better and conquer!
Then you will surely be successful, happy, and most of all peaceful.

Don’t be afraid to take that risk, it is better to try and fail than live your life to regret that you never tried.

Only the fearless and risk takers are successful !!



Understanding the need to be financially independent before marriage .

finance play a very strong role in marriage, as a matter of fact the need for finance starts from the period of dating, you need finance to buy a gift for your partner, you need finance to around surprise party for birthday and anniversaries, you need money to have dinner in an expensive or beautiful restaurant.

when you take a step forward you will also need finance to arrange for wedding and there are no small weddings our there, there are usually many expenses.

It is of importance you understand that you can’t get married with the mind set that your family or anyone will help you feed your family as a man, or get married expecting that the man will shoulder all your financial needs, both parties involved in the relationship must be financially ready.

It is also necessary to check your income level, before engaging yourself into marriage. If it’s enough to Cather for your family, can you pay all bills without having to beg or borrow to sustain your family.

It is not advisable to get married while you are indebted as this can cause you a serious set back and would make things very difficult as marriage itself comes with lots of financial responsibilities,remember that debt is a liability.

Plan your life and your finance before you get married, couples that are faced with serious financial challenge are mostly sad and on affectionate and tends to have more rife, arguments and misunderstanding as a hungry man is an angry man.

If you are unable to cater for your self, how can you cater for a whole family let’s not bring the extended or new families that will become yours due to the new formed relationship.

Be sure to be ready and avoid regrets and unhappiness.

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Words are so powerful that they can create just anything. Imagine what effects positive words could have on your spouse and relationship

Everyman loves to hear their loved ones say pleasant things to them such as:

1. I love you

We all know what effect that statement could have on us as humans, then imagine how good it feels when its coming from someone you love deeply, no matter how tough or stone hearted a man is, that sound can melt his heart and awaken something in him.

2. You are my Hero

Saying this to your husband makes him feel really good about himself especially in a situation where he saved you from any form of trouble, saying this to him will encourage him not to hesitate to help you out should any other trouble come up in future.

3. I’m here for you

As much as a woman loves to have that assurance from her man, men love it much more. When a man is assured that even in times of trouble that you are there for him, he will do all he can to keep you by his side.

4. I trust you

Trusting a man is not just enough, you have got to let him know that you truly trust him ,this will encourage him to keep being faithful to you as he will not want anything to destroy that trust you have in him.

5. You are here, so I’m safe

When things seems not to be OK and he seems too worried about how you are feeling, just let him know that you are fine because he there with you and you know that when he is with you no harm can come to you, he’s going to feel really good knowing that you believe that much in him.

6. How are you

Every time you asked him how he is doing, it sends a signal that you care for him and want to know how he is doing and he will also start showing you same care, because it’s very common and normal for us to care for those who care for us.

7. You are looking good

Never neglect appreciating your man’s look, because it won’t just encourage him to always try and keep himself looking good, but will also help boost his confidence.

8. I want to do whatever you would want me do

Sometimes your man may feel you are tired or don’t want to do whatever he wanted you two to do at that moment, if you understand him well you can say this to him to encourage him, it could be sex, game or even to see a movie.

9. I appreciate you

We all loved to be appreciated, and we sincerely love people that are appreciative, always appreciate your man for everything no matter how little it is, or how little the time he sacrificed for you is, next time he would do more.

10. You are the best

when you tell him this, you are telling him that you don’t regret choosing him as your partner, you are happy being part of him, you are at the right place where you should have been and he will in turn do his best to keep it that way.

11. thank you

always say thank you, there is no limit to how much thanks you can give, say thank you for being part of me, thank you for loving me, thank you for your support, thank you for making me the queen of your castle, thank you for making me a mother. there are many things to be thankful for, doing this is a sign that you appreciate all that he is doing and he will surely do more just because you are appreciative.

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today start using these words as these could help improve your relationship, encourage your spouse, make them happy and even go as far as changing their view or how they feel about themselves and the the way they see you
and ultimately keep him smiling and loving you all the way.


As a man, do you often wonder what those qualities are that a woman should possess before she can be said to be a good wife?
Every man wants a good wife and everywoman wants to be the best wife possible for her husband.

Bringing Proverbs 31 to the modern day reality, Here are some of the qualities that a good wife should possses:
1. She always listens and gives attention to her husband.

2. She never disrespects her husband especially, in the present of friends, family or their children.

3. She always makes out time for her husband no matter how tight her schedule is.

4. She never monitors nor polices her husband .

5. She feeds him with good home made food.

6. She doesn’t ignore his sexual needs.

7. She’s always ready to give him every form of support, inclusive of financial support.

8. She prays for him and wishes him well.

9. She stands up for him and defends him when the need arises.

10. She keeps the house clean and make sure that all chores are done.

11. She loves and takes care of her in-laws like she takes care of hers and accepts and sees her husband’s family as hers, without any discrimination.

12. She praises and appreciates her husband in public and in private.

13. She is honest and not deceitful.

14. She takes proper care of her self and keeps herself attractive at all times.

15. She accepts her husband’s flaw and encourages him to be better.

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Trust your way to happiness: change your approach

It’s easier to create problems than to fix them.

We are Seventy percent of the time, responsible for our happiness. Relying on your partner to he happy can cause you great pain, health challenge or even your life.

Today we will be looking at ways via which we can avoid heartaches, stress and pain in relationships.

Some of the major things that cause you pain and tears are things that you could have avoided.

I will be focusing on trust in this article .

Trust can stand in where love shakes, the fact that you love someone should actually enhance your trust for that person and not to erode it.

But the combination of trust and love is the key to a successful and happy relationship.

#never marry a person solely on the basis of love:

It is even better to marry someone you trust rather than someone you love, trust can bring about love, lack of trust can destroy love. This is a very important key that you must always put into consideration, either in marriage or while dating.

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#Don’t you ever doubt your partner :

doubting you partner will cause you, great pain, as everything they do will be suspicious, and confrontation will creep in, leading to arguments and you know what arguing can result in.

#Learn to let go:

Letting go is very difficult, yet carrying on and keeping record of all, offences or bad days could even be more dangerous, it’s OK not to forget about some things that happened as it can serve as a guide for future occurrences, but judging or suspecting every action or step taken by your partner based on such past unpleasant experiences can make your relationship an unhealthy one.

#Don’t always believe your head and eyes:

Yes! Your eyes can deceive you like wise your head, your eyes will see something and your head will interprete it wrongly, leaving your mind troubled, don’t forget that there are always two sides to every story.

#Don’t seek for what you don’t really want to know:

You ask questions that you most times don’t truly want to hear the honest answer, then why ask in the first place? I know sometimes people tend to ask just to get some reassurance, you’ve got to be careful what you ask for, why pick up your partner’s mobile phone in search of what you don’t want to see or hear, you pretend to want to use their computer for work, you ask their close friends questions about your partner, you go as far as policing them, you are the one that will get hurt.

Stop it now so that you can enjoy your relationship. Avoid unwanted trouble and and avoid negative energy and you will be happy!!

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Missing hubby: cold night

It’s a cold night, it’s so cold and quiet and am So much in deep thought . I do want to go to sleep.

Yet my heart won’t rest a bit, it won’t go to sleep, yes I got stuffs running through my head,

Oh I wish hubby was home

I wish i could sleep in his arms,

I wish he was here to cuddle me, make sweet love to me, and talk me to sleep .

Managing a distance marriage is a hell of a job, I just want him to hold me very firm ,each and every night very close that I can only smell him.

So much so that I don’t want morning to come, the silence and cold here keep reminding me that am alone,

I wish could see his cute eyes even with my eyes close,

Missing you is now a routine but am glad that I have you in my life, at least I have someone to miss.

Hubby dear I miss you .

good night .

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Being single is not bad, horrible neither does it imply that the married ones are better or happier than you.

Many single persons have allowed Society in many ways to define them as they make it look like married people are better and happier. This is not true, on the contrary most singles are even happier than the married ones some married persons wished they made better use of there singlehood while some others really want out.

It is very important for you to understand that marriage is sweeter from the view of a single person than in real terms.

Reasons abound why you should enjoy your single hood.

# You live your life in your terms, go where you want to go, you don’t ask permission from anyone before embarking on any thing your heart desires

#Traveling and adventure, when you are married and got kids, you will not have the opportunity that you have now as a non married person, you can’t tour round the world without worrying about anyone.

# Fun and friends, trust me once you are married you can’t have as much fun as you use to have, you can’t stay out late, you can’t club, you hardly have time for your friends, because you will be too busy with the family

# Your space, I know most people who like their space, it’s extremely difficult to enjoy having a space to yourself without anyone touching, moving or dropping their own stuffs in your space, but while you are single you have your space to yourself

# Changing location, you wake up and decide to change your location either state or country, when you get married you will not be able to do that. Just to mention a few amongst many reasons why single hood is a blessing in disguise.