Is there a special time of the year to move on? Do you wait for a specific period in your life to say I’m done?
Trust me, there is no better time to start all over again than at the beginning of a new year like this, it’s always better to start all over, through forgiveness or by letting go.

Forgive your spouse and start all over again in building a better relationship, or move on and find peace elsewhere.

It is important to fix or break any relationship that is causing you pain as a result of any of the Following:
Lack of communication.
Excessive jealousy.
All of the above mentioned words are signs of unhealthy relationships these kind of relationships are usually harmful or dreadful.

You should remember and always say to yourself that you deserve the best. This should always be a guide for you, Never say to yourself that you have a bad fate, cursed or being punished for the sin of your parents or for your bad deeds in your previous life as believed by some tribes and ethnic groups.

A relationship should be healthy. Yes! You have to tolerate some things from your partner, As we all have our flaws, But once it involves excessive physical, mental and emotional drainage and Abuse.

You should fix or break out of such relationship, as staying in that relationship will only make you lose your self. In my previous post I talked about Divorce over violence, there are situations you find yourself in a relationship that the only way out is letting go.

Read Divorce over Violence here


But it is also of great importance that you understand that there are situations that the only way out is letting go through forgiveness, one of the major things that has broken relationships and marriages is the absence of forgiveness. The Yesterday is gone: It’s a new dawn. It’s better to forgive and be happy.

See reference, As It will help you understand the need for forgiveness in any form of relationship.

In case you don’t know how to resolve the conflict between you and your partner, You may also want to read this 7 keys to conflict resolution https://peace7.home.blog/2018/10/18/7-keys-to-conflict-resolution-in-relationship/

So in conclusion, I advise you work on your relationship, if it’s suffering from any form of unhealthiness and if it’s not something that can be fixed just let it go”move on”.
You deserve the best. Cheers

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It’s time to do some real business blogging, It took me four whole months to understand blogging, wink still learning.

This is me just typing down whatever I’m thinking about, I am not following any rules of engagement, I am just typing down my thoughts.
I have been blogging for the love of blogging, I enjoy penning down whatever is going on in my head and this has led me to blogging.
But I must say blogging is a lot more difficult than it seems.

I am still struggling and trying to find my way around, as one needs to learn a lot. Learning to type correctly and avoiding typo errors, from niche issue to what is not ok to blog about, how it works and reading too many guidelines and getting confused and also trying to do everything you read. Sometimes you don’t even know what and who to follow anymore.

But one thing I have learnt over the months is that I can only be me, I must keep writing until I learn and know it all.
I like the fact that I have my own space on the internet where I can write down my thoughts, and sometimes even express myself through writing without being too careful, but 2018 is past.Now I want to do what I enjoy doing and also earn a living through it.
What could be greater than these?
It’s going to be like enjoying yourself and making money.
These feelings have made me realize why my husband is so passionate and happy with his job, It actually does feel good to do what you enjoy doing and make money at the same time. I think I’m not the only one who loves to get some money, especially when you are making it through a means that you totally enjoy.
So 2019 is for monetizing and advanced blogging. Feels and sounds good right? I know.
So see you in 2019 and all the best.

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas day and everyone is happy and feeling great as they are filled with joy in their hearts

Even in the midst of celebration, I want you to all to remember and keep in mind that there are still a lot of people feeling very sad and are pained even in this season of merriment.

They have not had a thing to eat even though it’s a season where people usually have more than enough to share.

Be kind and generous in the season, remember the poor and needy, remember the homeless,.

And hey merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.


Why do you always search for answers were you can’t find? Why do you search for peace in the midst of mystery and pain? Why do you search for love where there is none only to find deceit, hurt and trouble?

Looking around me, I found out that most people seek what they don’t really need or are seeking what they really need in the wrong place or from the wrong persons.

When was the last time you asked yourself what you really want or what are you looking for? Where does your happiness truely lie? Should you continue on the pat you are treading or is it time to take a break or a bow?.

How do you find happiness or love in a place where it doesn’t exist? Do you ever wonder why you don’t get results in some things you do after putting in so much efforts and energy and sometimes even finance.

It all comes back crumbling at your feet and all you could do is cry and complain, don’t you think its time you changed your approach, you take a break and try to figure out what you are not doing right.

Then asked yourself questions like:

What am I getting wrong.?

Should i take a break or a bow.?

Do i change my approach?

Is this project or person what the while?

Am i sure to smile at the long run?

If you can’t find a good answer to your question the best thing to do is STOP.

Take some steps back, then you can and may find the answers you seek.

But remember that it is of great importact that you seek , search or invest in the right place.

Searching where it cannot be found is just like getting drunk just to forget your troubles at

Searching where it cannot be found is just like getting drunk just to forget your troubles at night, neverminding that you will surely wake up sober and still face reality at dawn., neverminding that you will surely wake up sober and still face reality at dawn.

This happens in almost every part of our life as humans

From loving the wrong person and expecting to be loved the same way and wishing for a love that never existed in the first place to choosing the wrong life pertner to investing in the wrong Business and expecting too much from people , you keep searching for things that you will never find , because you are on the wrong track and you’re searching for them in the wrong places and in the wrong person .

People don’t give or rather can’t teach you what they don’t have or know. You can’t teach a language you don’t understand.

I hope this article help redirects your search, i hope you found the right direction and the right persons , so that you can find that which you seek.


Time and again, I hear people talk about happiness in various facets of life and endeavors, this recently, got me thinking, I wondered why people place so much emphasis on being happy. Everyone is researching into, writing and talking about, what makes one happy, how to be happy, how to find happiness and the list goes on, But I realized that virtually no one is talking about Sadness, Pains, Sorrows, Hurts, etc. and these too are part of our lives, we tend to seek happiness, joy and the good life but one may wish to ask “how can we seek for happiness if we had no sadness?”, “how can we search for joy if there were no pains?”.

I think it’s high time we took a break from our search for happiness to start looking out for those things that sadden, pain and make our lives difficult, be they in our relationships, marriages, carrers or in life generally, as fixing those will result in a better quality of life for us all.

It’s of great importance to come to terms with what exactly has been causing you those pains

Then know how to tackle it, you can’t find true peace of mind or happiness, without knowing or having proper understanding of why you get hurt.

find the reason for your pains for pains and sadness are necessary evils. We cant avoid or live our lives without having to face or experience them at some point.

It is also important to always remember that sadness or pains are just a phase. They come and go, sad as it is, it’s part of our lives, so today i want you to take a break from finding HAPPINESS and rather focus your search on what exactly has been responsible for your pains, sorrows and sadness.

Then you can start searching for a way out.

P. S:

I have been away for a week, planning for and celebrating my son’s first birthday and that brought tears and laughther to my face, the fact that my little boy is one already gave me so much joy and the thought of the pains i went through carrying him for 10months brought tears to my face and all i could say is thanks to God,

I have missed writing for a whole week, and i got few mails from some readers trying to find out why i have not written for those days, thanks for your care I appreciate, love you loads.


It’s no news that many people allow themselves get involved in unhealthy relationship either with same or opposite sex for the purpose of convenience.

At teenage, our criteria for choosing friends are different from those of a young adult as academics, latest music, teens church activities, etc dominated the minds of the former, while trending fashion, celebrity gossip and the likes dominate the minds of the later and inform their choice of friends. But as fully-grown adults we are even better positioned to make better choices than at the former stages.

A good understanding of how and what to look out for when choosing a friend and things that should prompt me to stay away from an advancing friend proposition is of essence because, like the saying goes “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”.

Here are a few things to consider before deciding to maintain a relationship:
Loyalty, Consistency, Reliability, Honesty, Consideration for others, and Generosity. Above everything else, Understanding and Trust are inevitable in relationships.

We need to understand that there are different types of friends that we must avoid. Knowing what you want in your friend is good, but you also need to be sure of what you don’t want in a friend. I have compiled a list of a few “Turn-offs” below, you may wish to add some more.

1. The Driller:

This set of friends are energy drillers they only remember you when Things are bad, they need support and advice or someone to help them ease their burdens when they are faced with emotional challenges or going through other difficulties but once their problems are sorted they forget your existence until new problems surface.

2. The Competitive Friends

This set of friends are always somehow in competition with you, whenever you buy a new phone, clothing, furniture ,cars they do everything possible to acquire same even if they have to borrow, they are always struggling to measure up with you or even with others around you. Avoiding such kind of friends may be as good as safeguarding your self and family, because such persons are capable of hurting you out of envy when they are unable to meet up with you.

3. The Off and On Friends:

This set of friends only come around when nothing is going on well in their lives, they are usually people we see as our best friends or close friends. Whenever they have a man or woman in their life they completely forget about you, infact, you will be the only one doing all the calling, and once they are faced with disappointments, they remember you and won’t even give you a break, it’s quite understandable that when people are in new relationships, especially marriage, they become more busy and can’t give as much time as they used to give while they were single but completely forgetting your close friends is not OK, that’s why the best thing to do with such friends is to let them go. You don’t need that kind of instability in your life.

4. The Supporter Friends:

There are friends who never say “you are wrong”, they support all you do, they encourage you to do things that you always end up regretting, yes a good friend will defend you in public and reproach you in private they never tell you that you are right knowing fully well that what did or are doing is completely wrong, but this set of friends being described here, do all they can to keep themselves in your good book, you have to be careful with such friends! They don’t mean well for you and can endanger your life or put you into some serious problem.

5. The Loud Mouthed Friends:

These loud mouthed kind of friends are very dangerous, whenever they come to you they never discuss bussiness, prosperity or any thing beneficial ,No! You don’t feel free or secure around such. they are always boasting about their achievements, they condemn every effort you make to achieve something, they go around saying stuffs about you without caring about how it will affects you.

stay away from bad and unpro

New Movie Alert: Nitaria Production presents “THE REAL ONE”

A new blockbuster titled THE REAL ONE is in the works. The movie, when released promises to be a real hit if the energy and quality put into its production is to reckon with.

The producer, Anita Oriahi affirms this would be her first as a producer, but is leaving no stone unturned in her bid to achieve maximum success at it.
Casting lots of newly discovered talents and featuring stars like Walter Anga, Sonia Uche, Ruth Kadiri, daniellloyd, Maureen Ihua, and Isaac Nsikan alongside the producer, the movie is directed by @Chidoxflash

Here are some pictures from the movie set