Fashion Tips For Women

1 .Always prepare what you will be wearing tomorrow at night that way your morning will be easier and you can have a perfect combination

2.master how to do a half tuck, that way you can look simple but

3. Buy a bra that fits you perfectly, and always choose the bra that suits the dress type that you will be wearing.

4.hang your cloths in the bathing room while you get a hot shower to remove the wrinkles .

5.Knot(tie) Your shirt in front at Thema waist to keep the silhouette and length perfect all day long.

6. Go monochromatic by dressing head to toe on the same color.

7. Learn how to roll your sleeves like they do at J. Crew.

8. Wear what you like, there are no rules.

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The after marriage look

Have you ever seen an old female friend after some years of marriage and wonder what exactly happened to her that made her change so much?

The men become fresher and add up some good flesh or remain the same as they were before marriage, while the women mostly look older, fatter or more skinny .

This has become a regular phenomenon, people are always asking why this is so?

I researched into this and brought you the following as some of the reasons responsible for it:

CHILDBIRTH (they become fat)

Childbirth just as it is on the top list it plays 70% role in the change in women after marriage and childbirth, some women do not lose the adipose tissue gained during pregnancy for whatever reason, and they tend to eat more during breast feeding and all of this accumulated fat dont go away in some women, unless they control what they eat, and exercise adequately to burn it off.


Who am I doing all this for? has turned to many women’s slang,they stop caring for themselves, they no longer see the need to keep doing the things they use to do as Single girls, they no longer make their hair, wear nice makeup, dress up sexy in well-fitting dresses, when they are asked why the dont take care of themselves they give you the answer “Who am I doing it for?” they feel they are married and therefore, have no need to do all of that anymore. But on the contrary a woman should dress even more after marriage in other to remain as sexy and attractive as she used to be before marriage, not withstanding wether your body size or look has changed as a result of childbirth.


The level of stress that women are faced with after marriage, have great effect on them. Most men trouble their wives so much that the women have become emotionally drained and when you see them, you can tell just by looking at them, how can they remember to dress themselves up properly, let alone remember to make their hair and all that? The emotional stress comes in different forms and varies from the worries they face at night when the men go out and don’t remember to come back home until midnight, to physical abuses of all kind inclusive of domestic violence.

Its important to keep yourself healthy and in good shape before or after marriage.

Stay happy, look good, stay healthy.

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Married and unhappy woman? here’s how to make yourself happy

Many women have become very unhappy in their marriages. This is traceable to several factors ranging from Work pressure, Excessive house chores, Cheating spouses, Emotional and physical abuse, Pressure from the upbringing of children etc.

But it’s very important to stay happy no matter the the kind of trouble or problems that you are going through or that marriage has brings you.

1. Stop victimizing yourself. Most married women see themselves as victims in the marriage as a result of any of the the situations listed above, especially when the pressure or unhappiness is caused by the husband’s ill-treatment or immorality.

2. Go out as often as possible.

Most women stop every form of social life after marriage , they don’t even attend a simple party like birthday, they become too engrossed with family and chores that they even lose themselves in the process. Go out, have fun, if you are the type that takes alcohol a little sip won’t harm you, go out with friends , visit friends and family, whatever that makes you happy do it.

3. Spend some money on yourself. Many women spend all their earning even any upkeep given to them by their husbands on their children and husband, they don’t even remember to buy anything for themselves. Most can’t even remember the last time they went shopping, women love new dresses, jewelry, makeup, hairs, perfumes, etc. Keep out some cash for yourself, shop for yourself, you have a right to be happy and look good, just maybe this is one of the reasons why your husband is no longer attracted to you and ends up spending more time outside the house or cheats on you with more attractive ladies.

4. Surround yourself with positive people.

When you have the right type of friends, you can be happier. Having someone to talk to or have fun with is very essential. Also read 👇

5. Stay away from negative friends. Staying away from this kind of friends is vital to your health because they will make you even more unhappy, they will give you advice that may lead you to the wrong paths. Read this 👇

6. Spoil yourself sometimes. Go to a spa, make your nails, treat your skin, buy good supplements for yourself be happy, go to the beach side take in some free and fresh air.

7. Have a good relationship with God. Yourself and God are the only ones that can give you true happiness, never relent in your prayers.

8. Treat your children and husband with love that way they will reciprocate and treat you back with love.

I sincerely hope that this article is helpful to you, my dear reader.

Stay strong, stay happy ,love yourself and love God.

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