Nagging wife? Here’s the way out

A Nagging wife is one thing every man would practically do all the can to stay away from, but what do you do if you are already married to one?
How do you handle her, what’s the best way out of the situation? Is it by nagging too? Hitting her? sex-starving her? Reporting her to family or friends? Starving her of funds for her personal up keep?

This article will help you figure out best to deal with a nagging wife.
It is also necessary for you to understand that the fact that a woman nags does not mean that she is troublesome, yes some women are troublesome and also nag at the same time.

It’s in your place to help her get rid of that nagging attitude, funny as it may sound, you may even play a strong role in her attitude, you could be responsible for her nagging, you may have troubled her so much so that she has changed alot from the woman you married.
You must search for and understand the reason for her nagging, this information will help you handle the situation better.

Remember that what dialogue could not solve, violence won’t resolve. So don’t be to quick to handle situations with violence wether by shouting, hitting or verbal abuse.

1. Love!

Yes love is on our top list on handling a nagging wife. When you truly love your nagging or troublesome wife, you won’t really feel bad when she behaves badly or nags, as much as you don’t approve of such behavior, you will show her love regardless.

2. Stop!

stop those things you do that hurt her and make her mad which result in her nagging. Stop inviting trouble do what is right, stop cheating on her, stop lying even when the truth is obvious, stop calling her names, stop disrespecting her.

3. Partner!

The feeling that she’s your partner will make her feel good and this means that there will be no need for nagging, since she is not feeling like your house help sex machine or your children’s nanny.

4.Role model

Teach her how to react to situations by doing or practising it when you are offended or angry with her, gradually but surely as time goes on she you will take her cue from you instead of insulting her or running away from the house in other to avoid her, become a role model instead, teach and show her how to react to situations without resorting to violence or becoming physical, I once told you how my husband managed to stop me from Nagging and shouting whenever he hurt me.

5. Say sorry!

sorry can change and solve problems faster than you can imagine, be apologetic, never feel too big to apologize to your wife, if she heard you say sorry and saw that you meant it from your heart she will let it go she won’t be mad at you nor nag.

6.Get intimate!

Yes intimacy is a great cure to nagging, when she starts and you can’t stand it, instead of you to hit her, insult her, abuse her, just hold her firm even if she’s struggling hold her tighter, kiss her passionately and make sweet love her.

7. Compliment her!

women love to be complimented, even though she’s shouting and bringing down the roof, in a very sweet voice, say nice things to her, say I love you, say I hate to hurt my better half, ask funny questions what’s on your face, is it raining on your face am sure you know them, she may even start smiling without realizing it.

8. Pray!

Marriage is a union made and designed by God Himself, never forget to involve Him in all you do. make Him the center of your relationship, always pray for her and repent of your sins to her and to God.

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Published by Peace Efanga Okokon

Hello, I am Peace Efanga Okokon, A wife and proud mum of two, Am a writer, A stylist and business woman. I studied cooperate economics and management, Welcome to my space, where I drop two articles on weekly bases, Tuesdays and Fridays precisely.

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