Fashion Tips For Women

1 .Always prepare what you will be wearing tomorrow at night that way your morning will be easier and you can have a perfect combination

2.master how to do a half tuck, that way you can look simple but

3. Buy a bra that fits you perfectly, and always choose the bra that suits the dress type that you will be wearing.

4.hang your cloths in the bathing room while you get a hot shower to remove the wrinkles .

5.Knot(tie) Your shirt in front at Thema waist to keep the silhouette and length perfect all day long.

6. Go monochromatic by dressing head to toe on the same color.

7. Learn how to roll your sleeves like they do at J. Crew.

8. Wear what you like, there are no rules.

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Why do you always search for answers were you can’t find? Why do you search for peace in the midst of mystery and pain? Why do you search for love where there is none only to find deceit, hurt and trouble?

Looking around me, I found out that most people seek what they don’t really need or are seeking what they really need in the wrong place or from the wrong persons.

When was the last time you asked yourself what you really want or what are you looking for? Where does your happiness truely lie? Should you continue on the pat you are treading or is it time to take a break or a bow?.

How do you find happiness or love in a place where it doesn’t exist? Do you ever wonder why you don’t get results in some things you do after putting in so much efforts and energy and sometimes even finance.

It all comes back crumbling at your feet and all you could do is cry and complain, don’t you think its time you changed your approach, you take a break and try to figure out what you are not doing right.

Then asked yourself questions like:

What am I getting wrong.?

Should i take a break or a bow.?

Do i change my approach?

Is this project or person what the while?

Am i sure to smile at the long run?

If you can’t find a good answer to your question the best thing to do is STOP.

Take some steps back, then you can and may find the answers you seek.

But remember that it is of great importact that you seek , search or invest in the right place.

Searching where it cannot be found is just like getting drunk just to forget your troubles at

Searching where it cannot be found is just like getting drunk just to forget your troubles at night, neverminding that you will surely wake up sober and still face reality at dawn., neverminding that you will surely wake up sober and still face reality at dawn.

This happens in almost every part of our life as humans

From loving the wrong person and expecting to be loved the same way and wishing for a love that never existed in the first place to choosing the wrong life pertner to investing in the wrong Business and expecting too much from people , you keep searching for things that you will never find , because you are on the wrong track and you’re searching for them in the wrong places and in the wrong person .

People don’t give or rather can’t teach you what they don’t have or know. You can’t teach a language you don’t understand.

I hope this article help redirects your search, i hope you found the right direction and the right persons , so that you can find that which you seek.


The after marriage look

Have you ever seen an old female friend after some years of marriage and wonder what exactly happened to her that made her change so much?

The men become fresher and add up some good flesh or remain the same as they were before marriage, while the women mostly look older, fatter or more skinny .

This has become a regular phenomenon, people are always asking why this is so?

I researched into this and brought you the following as some of the reasons responsible for it:

CHILDBIRTH (they become fat)

Childbirth just as it is on the top list it plays 70% role in the change in women after marriage and childbirth, some women do not lose the adipose tissue gained during pregnancy for whatever reason, and they tend to eat more during breast feeding and all of this accumulated fat dont go away in some women, unless they control what they eat, and exercise adequately to burn it off.


Who am I doing all this for? has turned to many women’s slang,they stop caring for themselves, they no longer see the need to keep doing the things they use to do as Single girls, they no longer make their hair, wear nice makeup, dress up sexy in well-fitting dresses, when they are asked why the dont take care of themselves they give you the answer “Who am I doing it for?” they feel they are married and therefore, have no need to do all of that anymore. But on the contrary a woman should dress even more after marriage in other to remain as sexy and attractive as she used to be before marriage, not withstanding wether your body size or look has changed as a result of childbirth.


The level of stress that women are faced with after marriage, have great effect on them. Most men trouble their wives so much that the women have become emotionally drained and when you see them, you can tell just by looking at them, how can they remember to dress themselves up properly, let alone remember to make their hair and all that? The emotional stress comes in different forms and varies from the worries they face at night when the men go out and don’t remember to come back home until midnight, to physical abuses of all kind inclusive of domestic violence.

Its important to keep yourself healthy and in good shape before or after marriage.

Stay happy, look good, stay healthy.

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Time and again, I hear people talk about happiness in various facets of life and endeavors, this recently, got me thinking, I wondered why people place so much emphasis on being happy. Everyone is researching into, writing and talking about, what makes one happy, how to be happy, how to find happiness and the list goes on, But I realized that virtually no one is talking about Sadness, Pains, Sorrows, Hurts, etc. and these too are part of our lives, we tend to seek happiness, joy and the good life but one may wish to ask “how can we seek for happiness if we had no sadness?”, “how can we search for joy if there were no pains?”.

I think it’s high time we took a break from our search for happiness to start looking out for those things that sadden, pain and make our lives difficult, be they in our relationships, marriages, carrers or in life generally, as fixing those will result in a better quality of life for us all.

It’s of great importance to come to terms with what exactly has been causing you those pains

Then know how to tackle it, you can’t find true peace of mind or happiness, without knowing or having proper understanding of why you get hurt.

find the reason for your pains for pains and sadness are necessary evils. We cant avoid or live our lives without having to face or experience them at some point.

It is also important to always remember that sadness or pains are just a phase. They come and go, sad as it is, it’s part of our lives, so today i want you to take a break from finding HAPPINESS and rather focus your search on what exactly has been responsible for your pains, sorrows and sadness.

Then you can start searching for a way out.

P. S:

I have been away for a week, planning for and celebrating my son’s first birthday and that brought tears and laughther to my face, the fact that my little boy is one already gave me so much joy and the thought of the pains i went through carrying him for 10months brought tears to my face and all i could say is thanks to God,

I have missed writing for a whole week, and i got few mails from some readers trying to find out why i have not written for those days, thanks for your care I appreciate, love you loads.


As sad as it is, it has become a trend amongst young and unmarried women.
For various reasons they do not want to marry a man whose mother is still alive.
I made some enquiries into this and was able to gather some of the reasons as the following:
Most mothers-in-law always interfere with their sons’ marriages.

  • They often tend to get envious of their daughters-in-law
  • They mostly create rife between their sons and their daughters-in-law
  • They blame their daughters-in-law for whatever happens to their sons.
  • When they have a need and their sons refuse to attend to it they blame and insist that the daughter-in-law is responsible for that refusal from their son.
  • These are just few among many reasons given for this unwholesome trend.

However, the question is who is a mother-in-law?

This is my own definition of a mother-in-law:
She was that little baby girl born into a family, she became someone’s daughter and sister, she later became someone’s girlfriend, then fiancée and then wife and thus daugther-in-law, and finally mother-in-law.
What my definition is saying is that every girl, lady or woman is a potential mother-in-law.
Witnessing a son’s wedding is one of the Happiest days of any mother’s life, some mothers don’t even feel as much joy as they felt during their own wedding.
You want to witness your own son’s wedding and wish that woman who gave birth to the man you want to spend rest of your life with should not witness her own son’s wedding? The painful part of this is that you are not just wishing her not to withness her son’s wedding, you are wishing that a mother don’t get to meet her grand children. Sometimes I assume that ladies who have this wish don’t really understand the gravity of what they are actually wishing for a fellow woman.
Have you ever imagined a girl that your brother brought home in the hope of marrying, refusing to marry him because your mum is alive? How would you deal with such when you get to hear of it?

yes its no doubt that there are lots of women out there who have made and are making the life of their daughters-in-law unbearable.

But instead of looking at the bad ones, why not pray or hope for the best, you could also be amongst those whom may be blessed with the best of mothers-in-law, take religion away, humanity has never taught nor encouraged us as humans to wish another untimely death.
If not for anything, for the fact that you are a woman, you would love to be blessed with a son, and you will also want to be there at your son’s wedding,and will also love to see your grand children and hopefully your great grand children, these should be enough reasons for you not wish any one death, for your own happiness.

A woman carries her son for Nine months in pains, goes through labour pain, suffers to see the child grow and become something good, and just at the time when she should start reaping the fruits of her labour you then want her dead just so you can marry that son? You should think again.

The place of a mother is differnt from the place of a wife, be careful what you wish for someone, it can come back to you.


Forgiving someone or even yourself can be very difficult.
Some people will often say I forgive you but I will never forget what you have done; while some others will say “Forgive and forget”.
Forgive and forget can be very difficult because whenever you are faced with similar situation you will certainly remember that you have been in that situation before. Things like Betrayal, Breach of trust, emotional hurts, etc will begin to play up.

The peace you feel after forgiving yourself or someone is priceless, do not trade it for pain and aches

It is pertinent that you understand the need for forgiveness and to ensure that you are also forgiven by the people you wronged.

Forgiving what we cannot forgive creates a new way to remember. We change the memory of our past into a hope for our future.” –Lewis Smedes

Reasons and benefits forgiveness are enormous.

1. Because the Law of Karma will favor you, when you forgive a person of his or her wrong, Karma authomatically favors you when you also wrong people, but holding back means that you have taken judgement in your own hands and there will be no need for God or Karma to fight for you.

2. For your own peace of mind, whenever you hold on to a pain caused by anyone (including yourself) and refusing to forgive, it always leads to some level of distress, heaviness and distractions, whenever you see that person you feel this heavy wait,your heart beat changes,anger creeps in, etc. Why carry all of these weight, while the person doesn’t even feel a bit of the pain you feel, forgive the person and stay peaceful.

3. It is funny because people think that holding on to anger is what keeps our honor and dignity intact, when in reality, forgiveness is what helps us feel more honored and dignified in life. When you are able to forgive someone, you can look in the mirror and feel good about yourself. You see a powerful human is one who can look past faults and other people’s ugliness, that someone who can stay in control of life and how he/she acts on a day to day basis. That gives you a real sense of pride and confidence.

4. Forgiveness allows you to move on. When you are unable to let go, you definitely cannot move on. But whenever you forgive yourself or someone else,that means you have given the person or yourself a second chance and because you have given yourself another chance there are high Possibilities that what you have done wrong or the mistake you made will be corrected or done properly this second time.

5. happiness is sure,when you have all of this done by forgiving yourself and people who have betrayed and hurt you , happiness becomes yours automatically, and when you are happy you can fix things right, make right decision and even your friends, loved ones and colleagues will be happy too as happiness is infectious.


The Question of who to marry is an everyday question and its a very seriouse matter.
Pointing out or the ability to identify the person to marry can be very difficult , especially as it is a life time decision.

People marry for different reasons , some for love, money, companioship while others for the sake of comfort or even protection.
It’s quite important that you chose wisely who to marry as this decision can lift you or drown you.
In a previous article, I shared some reasons why you should not marry only on the basis of love.
You may want to read
There are cases where you even have two or more persons in your life and you really do not know who to spend the rest of your life with or if the person in your life at the time is the right person to spend a lifetime with
Today I will share some tips on how to identify the right person to marry , this article is focused on helping you choose make informed decision on your choice of life partner.



marrying your friend is one of the best things that can happen to anyone,you will be free and able to play and express yourself.

That man or woman who is BEAUTIFUL inside out with the inner beauty surpassing the outer. Remember that even the outer beauty is determined by the beholder as the saying goes. A person’s character is his or her inner beauty, a beautiful heart, a forgiving spirit etc, look more on the inward than the outward of the person before marrying for your own peace of mind.

Sexual compatability is of great essence in marriage, your partner should be that man or woman you crave to have at all times and who has same speed with you as going into a marriage with someone that is on a different level of drive or libido with you can lead to several problems, especially infidelity.

There are people you just can’t stay angry with, no matter what they have done wrong to you, you somehow find a way to forgive them, you may call it love, but I’m careful with that, putting this into consideration will help alot , as marriage is not a bed of roses nor will it always be full of laughter

That person who is brave enough to say “NO”, when it is necessary. You certainly don’t need a partner that will acquiesce to all of your demands at all times, nor one who cannot intervene wisely to stop you from taking a wrong decision.

We all need support systems in life. Every facet of life demands so much from each of us be it finacial or physical, emotional, etc. Your spouse should be your strenght when you are weak.

The one who respects and appreciates you for who you are.
The one who does not wish you were something or someone.

The one that loves you uncondictional and puts your happiness first before work and friends
The one you love and can do anything for.

That one who shares mutual trust with you.

The one that loves and appreciates your family, a partner that does not look down or feel his/her family is beter than yours is what you should look out for.

The one that accepts your religion or religious difference and is willing to respect your beliefs and faith, without trying to change your faith or beliefs.