Is there a special time of the year to move on? Do you wait for a specific period in your life to say I’m done?
Trust me, there is no better time to start all over again than at the beginning of a new year like this, it’s always better to start all over, through forgiveness or by letting go.

Forgive your spouse and start all over again in building a better relationship, or move on and find peace elsewhere.

It is important to fix or break any relationship that is causing you pain as a result of any of the Following:
Lack of communication.
Excessive jealousy.
All of the above mentioned words are signs of unhealthy relationships these kind of relationships are usually harmful or dreadful.

You should remember and always say to yourself that you deserve the best. This should always be a guide for you, Never say to yourself that you have a bad fate, cursed or being punished for the sin of your parents or for your bad deeds in your previous life as believed by some tribes and ethnic groups.

A relationship should be healthy. Yes! You have to tolerate some things from your partner, As we all have our flaws, But once it involves excessive physical, mental and emotional drainage and Abuse.

You should fix or break out of such relationship, as staying in that relationship will only make you lose your self. In my previous post I talked about Divorce over violence, there are situations you find yourself in a relationship that the only way out is letting go.

Read Divorce over Violence here

But it is also of great importance that you understand that there are situations that the only way out is letting go through forgiveness, one of the major things that has broken relationships and marriages is the absence of forgiveness. The Yesterday is gone: It’s a new dawn. It’s better to forgive and be happy.

See reference, As It will help you understand the need for forgiveness in any form of relationship.

In case you don’t know how to resolve the conflict between you and your partner, You may also want to read this 7 keys to conflict resolution

So in conclusion, I advise you work on your relationship, if it’s suffering from any form of unhealthiness and if it’s not something that can be fixed just let it go”move on”.
You deserve the best. Cheers

Photo credit: pixabay


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