It is not the bruises on the body That hurt, but the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind.

By Aisha mizer

Most men and women alike, find it hard to deal with domestic violence because of society, religion and family.

It is a well known fact that more women are victims of domestic violence than men. But then there are many men out there too who suffer domestic violence.

Society frawns seriously at divorced persons: they are subjected to all kinds of mockery, insults and humiliation.

Religion makes it even more difficult, some religious bodies restrict married individuals from seeking or resorting to divorce no matter how bad their case gets, as divorce is against their religious beliefs. Except only in some extreme conditions.

Families have also, in a great way, contributed to the pain and suffering of their relatives in marriage, as they place more premium on family’s reputation and what society or religion will say rather than on the happiness and safety of their relatives in the ailing marriage.

The following are some reasons why divorce is better than staying in an abusive marriage!

For your children’s sake Many children who are abused, or who witness abuse of a parent, grow up to become abusive themselves, or become victims in violent relationships, And the cycle continues. Fortunately, thats why its best you divorce the violent partner so your children can grow up in a more peaceful and healthy environment, some people even advise you stay for the sake of your kids as they feel you can’t bring up a child alone, but reverse is the case, it is true that a child that has the training of both parents have some added advantage but you need to be in good health and sound mind to bring up a proper child.

For your well being: As a result of domestic violence many lives have been lost, and so many victims have lost their minds while other body parts have been damaged, you can’t stay in a relationship wherein your well being is not guaranteed. You can only enjoy a marriage when you are healthy and alive.

Psychological effect on victims of domestic violence varies. One of the most common mental health diagnoses for women who experience domestic violence is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Symptoms of PTSD include intrusive thoughts or flashbacks, nightmares or sleep disturbances, emotional detachment, triggers that represent the trauma, and or feelings of a reoccurrence of the event(s).
Experiencing physical assault is largely related to PTSD. However, this does not mean that all women who were exposed to physical violence will present PTSD symptoms, however PTSD is a common mental health diagnosis stemming from perceived intolerable trauma and psychological instability

It is never too late to take a step towards safety.

By Peace Efanga Okokon

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