Finding a good friend can be extremely difficult, it’s easy to make friends but finding that true friend that loves and tolerates your flaws is where the crux lies.
It is, however, important to understand that every one needs a friend, as much as there are bad people out there who would like to be seen as your friends but yet do very terrible things to you, there are also people who come into your life and you will be wondering why it took you so long to meet them. While our tastes and ideas differ, the basic value we place on friendship are the same. Some have been spotlighted below.

1. The friend that stood by you in time of lack:

As humans we all tend to face challenges at various points in life and at such points, we are always in need of a friend or that someone who is willing and delighted to be of help to us, it’s difficult for people to render financial support. So when you find that one person that is is not only willing, but helps out when you are broke or are in serious need of financial support keep them close and never let anyone or anything come between you.

2. Those friends that stand up for you:

those kind of friends stand up for you, regardless of who is involved, speak up for you when your have no voice, they stand by you like a solid rock. They never allow anyone to bad mouth you in their presence, they fight for you in your presence and in your absence.

3. That Friend that gives you a shoulder to cry on :

In difficult times, in times of trouble, the time of Emotional trouble, when you need someone to talk to this person is always there for you, always willing and ready to hear you out, whenever you want to talk or even cry they are there to hear you out, sometimes you even lash out on them, but they understood what you are going through and still stay, listen and support you the best way they can

4. Those friends that understand you:

These kind of friends are very difficult to find, sometimes you don’t even have to say a thing, they just look at you and know what exactly you are going through, they are always saying what you want to hear because they understood what exactly you need at that point.

5. The friend that sees your family like hers:

It’s important to keep a friend that loves and appreciates your family, that friend that can help and support your family member in your absence or presence , those kind of friends are rare,they should not be taken for granted.

6. That friend that says it as it is:

A good friend will tell you the truth regardless of how you will feel or take it, a true friend never says you are right when you are wrong, they love you and that is why they can’t afford to lie to you or mislead you.

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Stay positive, keep the right friends!

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Published by Peace Efanga Okokon

Hello, I am Peace Efanga Okokon, A wife and proud mum of two, Am a writer, A stylist and business woman. I studied cooperate economics and management, Welcome to my space, where I drop two articles on weekly bases, Tuesdays and Fridays precisely.

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