As a man, do you often wonder what those qualities are that a woman should possess before she can be said to be a good wife?
Every man wants a good wife and everywoman wants to be the best wife possible for her husband.

Bringing Proverbs 31 to the modern day reality, Here are some of the qualities that a good wife should possses:
1. She always listens and gives attention to her husband.

2. She never disrespects her husband especially, in the present of friends, family or their children.

3. She always makes out time for her husband no matter how tight her schedule is.

4. She never monitors nor polices her husband .

5. She feeds him with good home made food.

6. She doesn’t ignore his sexual needs.

7. She’s always ready to give him every form of support, inclusive of financial support.

8. She prays for him and wishes him well.

9. She stands up for him and defends him when the need arises.

10. She keeps the house clean and make sure that all chores are done.

11. She loves and takes care of her in-laws like she takes care of hers and accepts and sees her husband’s family as hers, without any discrimination.

12. She praises and appreciates her husband in public and in private.

13. She is honest and not deceitful.

14. She takes proper care of her self and keeps herself attractive at all times.

15. She accepts her husband’s flaw and encourages him to be better.

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Published by Peace Efanga Okokon

Hello, I am Peace Efanga Okokon, A wife and proud mum of two, Am a writer, A stylist and business woman. I studied cooperate economics and management, Welcome to my space, where I drop two articles on weekly bases, Tuesdays and Fridays precisely.

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