Am I the only one hearing of this sex time table even amongst legally married couples?

Funny as this may seem to many, it is real in many homes.

Sex it’s not something you program yourself for it’s an emotional feeling triggered by the thought.

While some people may settle for programmed sex the vast majority consider it a terrible idea.

Here are some reasons👇

  • What happens when your partner does something really sweet and you are happy and feel like just having sex with him/her oops! You remember it’s not scheduled time so you have to wait for the scheduled time?
  • Sometimes when you have headache sex is all you need not drugs, what if the headache came at the wrong time ,read this to see how
  • If one partner is in the mood and the other insist on waiting for the scheduled time, this can lead to adultery as the aroused partner will go out to gain sexual satisfaction outwide his matrimony read this
  • Some couples like quickies at noon time, so when hubby misses you at work place and feels like coming home during lunch hour, scheduled time should be a barrier?
  • Having regular sex keeps couples bonded, and increases their openness. Scheduling sex may become an obstacle that can hamper your closeness. read more 👇
  • Sex can serve as conflict resolution in marriage, in many cases sex has settled strong arguments between couples, so why wait until scheduled time if sex can settle it now
  • read this

Published by Peace Efanga Okokon

Hello, I am Peace Efanga Okokon, A wife and proud mum of two, Am a writer, A stylist and business woman. I studied cooperate economics and management, Welcome to my space, where I drop two articles on weekly bases, Tuesdays and Fridays precisely.

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