The fear

of being hurt

in a relationship

usually causes

you to stay


Many at times people tends to rather stay alone than give love a chance or another chance, this is mostly caused as a result of past hurt or family experience.

It Is wrong of anyone to deny his/herself a chance to be loved or loved again, as it is not the fear of being hurt in a relationship that is stopping them from opening up their heart or giving love a chance but the fear of being hurt again or becoming a victim of a bad relationship like their friends had suffered or like that person in the family that has suffered loneliness and bitter experience, it sometimes could even be the fear of going back being alone again, as some people come into there life’s, love them unconditionally and then walk out of there lives leaving them worst than they meet them.

It is important you keep this in mind that you can’t close your eyes to every one passing by just because you don’t want to see an enemy, and then loses the chance to see that one person who have the solution to your biggest problem.

Keep loving, keep on trying until you find that someone, that special one who will give you all the love in the world and will never leaves you alone.


Published by Peace Efanga Okokon

Hello, I am Peace Efanga Okokon, A wife and proud mum of two, Am a writer, A stylist and business woman. I studied cooperate economics and management, Welcome to my space, where I drop two articles on weekly bases, Tuesdays and Fridays precisely.

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