1. Sex

The desire to have a sexual satisfaction have driven lots of women into extra marital affairs, as their husband have not been able to meet up with their desires like how they should be treated in bed, how her body works, what turns her on, how and where she likes to be touched, many wives has cheated and are still cheating on their spouse for their inability to give them sexual satisfaction, some even go back having extra martial affairs with their ex- boyfriends, because their husbands have not been able to give them the kind of satisfaction they used to get from there ex.

2. Money

Finance has gone a Long way to destroy many marriages, it is very important for you to have a good financial ground as a family man, or at least marry a woman that her needs are not higher than your income, the desire/need for money has lead many women into having affairs just to meet end needs. Or the fact that there husbands has refused to care for their personal needs.

3. Starvation

Lots of men, sex starve there wives, some do it unintentionally, while other do it intentionally without putting the damage it may cause in their relationship into considerations, they go out have sexual relationship with other women, leaving their wives at home and these kind behavior can, and has made lots of women look out for someone who they can just have sex with, while the men who do this unintentionally go out for business over months. Giving there wives money and money expensive gifts, forgetting that she also needs his love, romance and cuddles.

4. Communication

Yes communication play a strong role in marriage , as the absence of communication in marriage can lead to extra marital affairs, a man should be able to discuss everything with his wife, a man should not rather avoid his wife because, she’s not keeping herself clean enough or she’s not as active as she used to be, its better to discuss about it and tell her how you like her to look or behave to keep her attracted to you , as these kind behavior can make a woman feel unwanted and therefore bring a rife between them, which can bring also make her find happiness in the hand of other man.

5. RomanceĀ 

70% of men stop been romantic few years after marriage, they forgot all of the things they did in the past that made the woman fall the them, they stop taking her out, they don’t even remember to give her a nice kiss when going out, they don’t buy her gifts anymore, they completely forget anniversaries, birthdays, they don’t remember to express love to there wives, they dont bother to say nice things like you looking beautiful , you look super sweet on that red dress, when ever you smile you make me want to ask you out all over again, when all of these romantic things are no longer coming forth, the chances of her falling for someone else out there who gives her lots of compliments is high.

6. Cheating

I know couple if women who confirmed it to me that they are cheating on there husbands because his been cheating on them and they couldn’t take it anymore. People are different be careful the kind of fruit you sow, for you shall reap what you sow, maybebin double folds.

Play your role, do what’s right, if your wife cheats on you check your self well you must have failed somewhere and has contributed towards it.

By Peace Efanga Okokon


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