This is the fourth part of this article

Incase you have not read part one-three, check my previous post as I talk about other things thats are to be put into consideration aside from love. Before setting out for marriage

these 👇 things are to be put into consideration

1: financial status and prospect
2 : family 👪 ties and orientation
3 : Trust level and commitment
4 : Mutual Respect and fear of God
5 : tolerance level
6 : violence and abusive

4: mutual respect and fear of God.

Mutual respect and fear of God is a need for a healthy RELATIONSHIP

A relationship without mutual respect is a complete waste of time

Respect in a relationship is reflected in the manners in which couples treat each other on a daily basis.
No doubt there will be disagreements , arguments and some friction between you two, but that’s not withstanding, the people involved in the relationship must understand the need for mutual respect even in the mist of argument and disagreement.

They should be able to respect and value each other’s opinions and feelings by “fighting fair.”
But if mutual respect is absent in a relationship, Then splitting can be considered or maybe work it out ????

The fear of God , you may be wondering if it is a need,

oh yes its a need for a healthy RELATIONSHIP

I tell you this, marriage💍 is different from dating , it takes two people that have the fear of God to build a happy marriage, And raise responsible children.

Understand that lgoing to church or mosque does not mean that a person has the fear of God!

I am a Christian so I will speak from the perspective of a Christian,
It is a known fact that a person that fears the lord, treats his spouse right

It is written that a man should love his wife as Christ love the church

Ephesians 5:25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her

And it is also written that wives should be submissive to there husband

Ephesians 5:22-33

For obvious reasons if he or she does have the fear of God happiness is sure

but if not, be ready for what’s coming your way as just love won’t be enough to sustain you when mutual respect and fear of God is absent.

Looking forward to have you in the next part this articles love is not ENOUGH







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