Marrying a person just because you love them is not ENOUGH

what happened to all of these 👇

1: financial status and prospect
2 : family ties and orientation
3 : Trust level and commitment
4 : Mutual Respect and fear of God
5 : tolerance level
6 : violence and abusive

I will be dividing this article into six (6) parts; today I will be writing the first part


*financial status and prospect :*

This a a very serious aspect of things to put into consideration even if you are in love with a person before deciding to tie the knot.

“Finances have long been a trouble area in marriage,” says Julie Murphy Casserly, author of The Emotion Behind Money, “and the current economic crisis is stretching even more people to emotional breaking.
In fact, in resent survey I found out that among three couples two lies about there financial status, which ends up leading to arguments, distrust, separation and divorce. Together with your partner, be sure to discuss finance
Make proper checklist before you say “I do.”
Your partner should be able to tell you how much he/she earns;


One thing is not to have a job, another is not willing to leave your comfort zone in search of financial stability or job;
You will agree with me, that no one like to carry all the weight, no one enjoy paying all the bills,
For the women even if your husband is rich,
He may not tell you this but will be glad to know that you cleared the electricity bill, refilled the gas before he drop the money and when he says
“Sweetie I will be forwarding some money to you for the utility bill and you say to him
“Oh dear you are just remembering , never mind I already cleared the bill.”
You must be sure that he has prospect, yes! His not financially stable now , but he is hard working so I know that his going to make it big, this should be convincing enough


Love those not put food on the table, a hungry man is an angry man, do not marry a lazyperson
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